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“In preparation for our new white paper featuring Borland Together’s Model-Driven Development, we needed a copywriter who could communicate benefits to high-level decision makers in the IT market. At the same time, we needed one who could connect with the techies – software developers and enterprise architects. Thankfully, John Titor was available. John’s ability to communicate challenging technical concepts to both audiences with equal prowess was exactly what we needed. I couldn’t be more satisfied with the way it turned out – great white paper. Thanks, John!”

…Martin Hendess, Global Campaign Manager, Borland Software Corporation

“John wrote a sales landing page for us that did something no one had ever done before: bring us a 4% direct sales response on a promotion for a product we had considered retiring. We truly never expected such a success. His sales page gave us a 50% lift in sales revenue, better than any promotion we had ever run for the product – even when it was new! I’d highly recommend John for any direct response promotion – online or off.”

…Ian Hodge, former CEO, Business Reform Magazine

“John Titor is an excellent copywriter with a firm grounding in the principles of writing powerful, compelling copy. His wide range of life experiences — and his being an avid student of both current events and human nature — equip him well to write for almost any client or in any niche. But John’s hands-on experience in business, including having established and built businesses of his own, provide him with special perspective and skills for writing for the Business-to-Business sector.If I were not a copywriter myself, John would be on my short list of copywriters I would hire if I needed one.”

…Will Newman, professional copywriter