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Managing a Facebook fan page: Step by step guidance

If you have come across the blogosphere lately, you must have heard the buzz about Facebook fan pages. With more additional features coming from developers, users often fail to use their own fan page effectively.

In a Facebook marketing strategy, fan page plays a major role in connecting and pulling the target group. These pages are easy to create at less time and free of cost. So, it is important that you understand the art of making proper use of it for your business.

Facebook Marketing

A step wise guidance for managing Facebook fan page competently:

Step 1: To begin with, create a page first. You’ll get the option in your Facebook account.

Step 2: Make sure you have a clear idea of your target market area and purpose of your page. After you have decided on this fact, you can move on to the designing part. For an attractive page design, you can hire a developer friend.

Step 3: Through designing point of view, your page should reflect your objective. Use targeted images and purposeful content.

Step 4: The wallpaper you set has to match the theme of your topic. Once you are done with this designing part, move on to set a name.

Step 5: Go to settings and add the name you think is appropriate. Remember, the name you choose would be a permanent one. So, it’s better if that is keyword based.

Step 6: Next you can add videos, affiliate links or other combinations of free marketing tools for adding value.

Step 7: And the architecture of your page is ready. It’s time to invite the ‘right people’. ‘Right people’ denote your targeted audience. You can start from your close online circle including friends and family members.

Point to Note 1:

It is the quality, not quantity of Likes that matter. Whoever is interested in your content will definitely click through on your page links. So, these Likers must be relevant to your niche market. Here is when you can target that niche for that specific market.

Point to Note 2:

Your target group might not be interested in your marketing strategy. They just only want purposeful content. Hence, don’t create a content that seems to be sales driven. Rather, make it more valuable proving more information useful and interesting for the audience.

If you follow this technique, you would soon see the number of Likes increasing through right people. Gradually, your Facebook fan page’s visibility would also increase virally.

Step 8: Another thing you can do is that create more pages in your chosen niches. The idea to check which one is more effective. Once you detect, let the rests go off so that the right page draw right amount of free traffic.

Step 9: In your fan page, you can share other things like articles, videos, teleseminars, affiliate links, webinars, website URL, etc. If you promote value based content, your target group would be your repeat viewers.

Step 10: Till the previous step, you have done most of the work. Now it’s time to upgrade or develop your page. For a better idea, you can look at other fan pages that have extremely responsive fans. Track their activities; what actually makes them so popular.

Some more facts for you:

  • Creating a fan page takes less than an hour. So, it’s a highly effective marketing tool at almost zero cost.
  • Always enriching a fan page with rich design may not work. Simple pages also do well with fans if the idea conveyed is clear and proper.

You can also Red Flame Social Media if you want a detailed concept. There are lots of free tips that might be of help to you for ensuring the page’s effectiveness. It’s easy and one of the most convenient methods.

To conclude with, with a proficient Facebook fan page, you can see your business grow online with every passing day. As big it is, you can consider Facebook marketing as one of the quickest means of promotion and business growth. Regardless of geographical barrier, this social media platform would take your brand to your targeted audience with just a few clicks. Hence, work on it today or else probably you are missing out every precious minute.

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