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Learn to Drape a Gold Pashmina Wrap like a Celebrity in 2020

Do you remember the scene from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. where Hollywood’s sweetheart Rachael with an innocent humour showed her ignorance about Pashmina?

And Ross expressed his love for the pashmina rug as “I am in love with these babies”…

Well, undeniably this shawl was a rage in the western market since the mid-‘90s.

gold pashmina wrap

This high-end graceful pashmina wrap is weaved in the Himalayan region of Kashmir, Tibet and Nepal. Owing to functionality and exquisite matte finish, cashmere pashmina wrap is adored by one and all.

Available in the various monochrome palette and embroidery patterns, lately gold pashmina wrap is doing the round.

Following are the few wardrobe hacks with the gold pashmina wrap to have a perfect blend of glamour and sophistication.


Being versatile and neutral in colour, white is a perfect matching partner of gold. Be it a wedding or any other posh affair; these colours make an impeccable combo.

For instance, consider this beautiful Izabel Flower Stamp Summer Dress, a flawless attire to wear in events like a wedding reception, office party etc. Giving a finishing touch to the look, by draping the gold pashmina wrap and steal the show like a dazzling diva.

Pro Tip:

If you want to accessorise your outfit further, team up with golden earrings and a mini gold clutch, with a subtle shimmering appearance.


Do you know what is divine? A combination of gold and orange!

With rich tones, both these hues give a luxe finish to any outfits. You may wear an orange tunic hugging off the gold pashmina wrap for a casual evening outing.

Nevertheless, this cute Crochet Lace Cold Shoulder Top is also an unadulterated choice for pairing with the gold wrap.


Purple and gold, is a jaw-dropping royal combo, catering to different occasions and events. Take, for example, this chic purple Scarlet and Jo plus knot Front Tunic top with a V-neck.

Throw it with a pair of black denim or white jeggings to get a regal appearance. Complete the look by draping a gold pashmina wrap like a scarf around your neck.

However, if you want to opt for something a bit formal, wear a dress in purple. Body cone or even fit and flare will serve the purpose. In this case, wear your gold cashmere  as a poncho.


The colours mentioned above are just a few among the bunch. Several other colours like black, red, green and royal blue to name a few will also pull off the golden wrap seamlessly.

Go for a few trails and errors, and pick up the ones that suit you the best. So, what is the wait for?

If you still don’t own a pashmina wrap in gold, get one and look like a celeb, turning heads all around.

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