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Generate More Leads That Convert

Attention Marketing Directors and Sales Managers

If your product or service is…

  • Highly Technical
  • Relatively New
  • Relatively Expensive
  • Any or All of the Above

then you need John Titor to write your promotional materials and marketing communications.

John has the unique ability to connect your message both to business managers as well as technical prospects in a way that gets your most-wanted-response.

Meet John Titor


Finding a copywriter that can connect well with corporate decision makers is a challenge.

Finding one that can talk the language of technology is even harder. But finding one who can do both?

Darn near impossible.

Until now.

John has marketed everything from computer software to complex nutraceuticals through to financial technical analysis books. But that’s not all. He also holds some of the most sought-after technical certifications in the high-tech field.

That’s why his copywriting pays huge dividends for you. He knows how to tap into the core buying emotions of both the business and the technical buyer because he’s been one!

To find out more about John and his background, check out his bio page. Or if you’d like to see if he’s available for your next project, contact him now.


Copywriting and copywriters

In case you’re considering utilizing a copywriter (or getting one), it’s imperative to understand that there is more than one kind of copywriting and more than one sort of copywriter.

Distinctive composing ventures require various aptitudes, and journalists develop diverse ranges of abilities, regardless of whether intentionally or just as the common consequence of their working experience. So the terms ‘copywriting’ and ‘copywriter’, albeit straightforward sounding, really include a scope of specializations and capacities. This post records the absolute most regular kinds of copywriting and copywriters.

Note that a portion of these copywriting disciplines have equal occupation titles/portrayals, and others don’t. For instance, while ‘Website design enhancement copywriter’ is currently a perceived activity title, I’ve never heard anybody depict themselves as a ‘long-duplicate copywriter’. Additionally, know that a portion of these names are adaptable – while there are various strands inside copywriting, the qualifications between them aren’t generally so obvious as my headings infer, and individuals may utilize these terms in various manners.

The independent copywriter

The independent copywriter writes in any medium straightforwardly for customers, generally working as a sole broker or one-individual organization.

Organizations and associations need a wide scope of things composed: sites, pamphlets, contextual analyses, item portrayals, client manuals, official statements, introductions, inward reports and that’s just the beginning. While many will just utilize inside asset to complete the composition, many go to an independent copywriter to enable them to out.

Independent copywriting is generally overseen on a specially appointed, work by-work premise, albeit a few customers do strike retainer game plans or set up longer agreements with outsources. Regularly, the consultant gives a cost or proposition, accomplishes the work, changes the duplicate in light of feedback, and presents their receipt on endorsement.

Independent copywriting ordinarily requires ‘wide however shallow’ copywriting abilities. For instance, over the span of composing a corporate site, the copywriter may wind up composing long duplicate for data pages, smart selling duplicate for prominent pages and journalistic duplicate for news pages. Simultaneously, they may toss in an organization slogan and maybe name an item range or two – at times, without being asked, since the customer might not have understood that they even need these things.

Because of working for a wide range of customers, the independent copywriter additionally will in general create wide yet shallow information on various business segments, permitting them to understand new customers’ prerequisites rapidly. This is one zone where more seasoned consultants can reliably exceed their more youthful partners – experience can’t be faked, nor purchased.

On the other hand, a few outsources work recorded as a hard copy for a specific industry or division – pharmaceuticals, noble cause, etc. This might be on the grounds that they recently held a salaried situation in that area. It might be an intentional decision, or it might simply develop because of the employments and referrals that go along.

Since the independent copywriter manages customers who may have practically no advertising experience, they additionally need a few aptitudes in venture the executives, consultancy and tact. Like business information, these abilities set aside effort to obtain.

Independent copywriters originate from a scope of backgrounds. Some are ex-office copywriters who needed a difference in way of life; some have involvement with related businesses, for example, showcasing, news-casting or distributing; some are simply individuals with an ability for composing who have chosen to give outsourcing a go.

The organization copywriter

Organization copywriters work in-house for visual depiction studios, full-administration advertising offices, computerized offices, search offices, PR offices and copywriting offices, where they produce content to arrange for the office’s customers. They’ll as a rule be informed by a record handler, or maybe a planner, and will create whatever the customer requires. Now and again, they may manage the customer straightforwardly.

While independent copywriters invest a great deal of energy in the stray pieces of their business – promoting, accounts, new business – the office copywriter will do hands-on composing for the heft of their day. A few scholars incline toward this, considering it to be their actual occupation, while others may stress over the weight of conveying imaginative thoughts and great substance under the weight of the clock – and the administration.

Office copywriters, especially the individuals who have worked in London or another media center, will regularly have the option to show some amazing national or global brands on their cv. In any case, enormous organizations require a scope of substance types, and the tasks included might not have been prominent advertising efforts. Additionally, the office copywriter is given his customers and ventures on a plate, while the consultant needs to go out and close arrangements legitimately with true organizations, completely all alone. Ostensibly, this gives the specialist a superior handle of business real factors.

The in-house copywriter

In-house copywriters are utilized by huge associations who have their own promoting offices and need the administrations of an essayist, or journalists, full-time.

The in-house copywriter, clearly, works just for one customer, which may restrict their chances as far as selling various items or working in a scope of media. Be that as it may, they may get the chance to build up a brand’s manner of speaking top to bottom, and they are likewise liable to appreciate a beneficially close working relationship with their inner ‘customers’ – the individuals who utilize their duplicate and brief them on prerequisites.

Publicizing copywriting

This is maybe the sort of composing that the vast majority consider when they hear the word ‘copywriting’: composing the substance of press, TV and different types of publicizing. Promotion copywriting incorporates the production of vital features, mottos and slogans that individuals recall from communicate media – however it likewise incorporates the drafting of long-duplicate notices, for example, now and then show up in Sunday supplements or on underground (tram) trains.

Since mottos are such a basic piece of any promotion battle, the advertisement copywriter will spend quite a while getting them right. The words in promotion mottos are presumably the most time-concentrated composition to be found anyplace.

In short-duplicate work, the real words that at last show up in a promotion might be less significant than the focal thought. So promotion copywriters now and again do ‘imaginative ideas’ or ‘duplicate plots’ (brief blueprints of what an advertisement will cover) as independent undertakings from deciding the real substance.

Since an advert is a profoundly thought group, where words, pictures and configuration cooperate intently, the promotion copywriter frequently works with an architect or workmanship executive to create thoughts that utilization both verbal and visual correspondence.

Promotion copywriters who work at the most significant level should be imaginative, parallel scholars who can think of solid, unique thoughts under tension. Further down the promoting natural way of life, the copywriter’s work may include somewhat more sober mindedness with seo leeds and things. In any case, whoever they work for, publicizing copywriters should have the option to convey thoughts and substance that sell items.

Long-duplicate work

‘Long duplicate’ alludes to any ad (or other medium) that contains a great deal of duplicate – whatever ‘a ton’ signifies in setting. For instance, a long-duplicate direct mail advertisement would be a few pages in length, instead of only one page; a long-duplicate press promotion would have a few passages of content as opposed to only one; and a long-duplicate site may have longer articles (1000 words and up) as opposed to the typical 100-or 200-word website pages.

There’s nothing of the sort as a ‘long duplicate copywriter’. I’m utilizing this making a beeline for recognize long-duplicate work from the kind of profoundly imaginative, concentrated composing that goes into composing a customer promoting trademark – in light of the fact that the aptitudes required for each are totally different.

As noticed, the promotion copywriter is probably going to be a free imaginative soul who can concoct a capturing, unique and noteworthy three-word trademark that can work over a whole battle. Yet, they may not be the correct individual to create all the substance that is related with it – the site, the bundling duplicate, the public statements and whatever else is required. Doing so requires aptitudes in organizing and arranging content, accomplishing a uniform manner of speaking and keeping up a high etymological standard – the key capacities of the long-duplicate master.

The long-duplicate copywriter is less of a craftsman, even more a craftsperson. Instead of jumping to pinnacles of imaginative splendor, their work is tied in with continuing the correct degree of value over long wordcounts.