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So, What’s It Like To Work With John Titor, Really?

If you’ve landed on this page, you’re probably here because you’re wondering exactly what it’s like to work with me. Maybe you want to get an idea of what kinds of things I’ve done in the past. Rather than answer that one myself, I’ll let my daughter, Sierra, answer it for you…

“What has he done? You really should be asking ‘What HASN’T he done?

  • He read the encyclopedia cover-to-cover when he was 12.
  • Taught himself to speak German, Spanish, and Russian because he was bored.
  • Won the Florida state chess championship at 13.
  • Played guitar for a living in Nashville, toured with top name country music stars (he’s got some great road stories – make sure you ask him to tell you those!).
  • Got an MBA from Vanderbilt (at least he didn’t make a 4.0!)
  • Speed reads 600 words/minute.
  • Fought in the Persian Gulf War.
  • Worked as a disc jockey, stockbroker, salesman, recruiter, computer programmer, sales engineer, and pretty much rose the top of his field in just about everything he’s ever done.
  • And now he’s a top copywriter.

…It just never ends with him. I mean, what an over-achieving geek!”

You know, when she puts it like that, I wish I could say she’s wrong. I can’t. Because she’s not. I’ve really done all those things.

And yeah, that probably makes me an overachieving geek…or the smartest choice you can make to write your next B2B promotion. Here’s why…

Put My Versatility To Work For You

Of all the pieces on a chessboard, the knight is the most versatile. No other piece, not even the mighty Queen, can do what the knight does. The knight has a special combination of skills not found in any other piece. A player who knows how to use his knights well is a very formidable opponent, indeed.

I am the knight on the chessboard of your market. I’ve got that combination of skills and experience you rarely find in one copywriter.

Finding a copywriter that can connect well with corporate decision makers is a challenge.

Finding one that can talk the language of technology is even harder. But finding one who can do both?

Darn near impossible.

Until now.

Broad Experience That Produces Consistent Success

When you visit my samples page, you’ll find wide array winners from many market verticals. For instance,

  • Borland Software – Borland asked me to write a whitepaper they could use to promote their Together (a product that I helped program!). In addition to writing the whitepaper, I also did the voice-modeling for the online product demo on their landing page.
  • Soundview Publications/Second Opinion Newsletter – Under the guidance of copywriting superstar, Parris Lampropoulos, I wrote an insert to promote one of their books on the alternative health procedure, prolotherapy.
  • Healthy Resolve –I wrote a complete retention series (7 different pieces) for the purpose of encouraging current customers to renew their subscriptions.
  • Schaeffer Research – I wrote an 8-page email sales letter for The New Thinking In Technical Analysis, a book in which explains historical fact-based analysis as an indicator of future stock performance. Sales from this promotion tied the existing control on the first mailing.
  • Wisdom’s Edge – Noted Christian author, Steve Kroening, writes and publishes this weekly online e-zine. In addition to writing all of the copy for the products in his shopping car, I also wrote the landing page for his e-zine. This landing page increased his email list by over 700% in just 4 hours when he launched, and is still in use today!
  • Business Reform Magazine – This landing page promoted one of their product bundles, “The Christian Business Success Pack.” It pulled better than any other promotion the magazine had ever run.
  • Horse IQ – My daughter, Sierra, publishes this equestrian health blog. As a 2-time Georgia state champion horse jumper, she provides the horse health expertise, while I do all the copy and the blog marketing.

So there you have it. Direct mail. Email marketing. Retention sales. Direct sales. White papers. Lead Generation. Blog marketing. I guess Sierra is right – it just never ends with me.

The Most Important Part Of Any B2B Assignment, Yet Not 1 in 100 Copywriters Ever Do It

How have I winning promotions in so many different niches? It all starts with the buyer. That live human who is willing to trade her (or her company’s) money in exchange for your products and services.

I do what most copywriters either can’t aren’t willing to do: research. While most writers start with the product and its features, I start with the buyer and her wants.

I want to know how she thinks, what she wants, and how she feels about other offers in your space. Once I know this, I’ve got what I need to write tight, benefit-driven copy. Copy that demonstrates how your products and services meet her needs…and satisfies her deepest wants.

With the market’s wants and needs as my guide, I just write powerful copy that gets your most-wanted-response.

Whether it’s a lead from the web, an opt-in to your mailing list, a trial download, or a direct-response sale. Doesn’t matter. You name it. I’ll generate it for you.

So to make your next project produce the results you want, visit my contact page. Or, give me a call at 404-643-5379. And put my versatility to work for you.