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Generate More Leads That Convert

Attention Marketing Directors and Sales Managers

If your product or service is…

  • Highly Technical
  • Relatively New
  • Relatively Expensive
  • Any or All of the Above

then you need John Titor to write your promotional materials and marketing communications.

John has the unique ability to connect your message both to business managers as well as technical prospects in a way that gets your most-wanted-response.

Meet John Titor

John Titor

Finding a copywriter that can connect well with corporate decision makers is a challenge.

Finding one that can talk the language of technology is even harder. But finding one who can do both?

Darn near impossible.

Until now.

John has marketed everything from computer software to complex nutraceuticals, SEO Liverpool through to financial technical analysis books. But that’s not all. He also holds some of the most sought-after technical certifications in the high-tech field.

That’s why his copywriting pays huge dividends for you. He knows how to tap into the core buying emotions of both the business and the technical buyer because he’s been one!

To find out more about John and his background, check out his bio page. Or if you’d like to see if he’s available for your next project, contact him now.